The title says it all…this article is right on the money

[Note: I originally wrote this piece for The Huffington Post after it approached me to draft it. Huffpo decided it to was too edgy. Do you think it is?]

There are two statements I need to make before I begin talking about my thoughts about adoption fundraisers. First of all, contrary to what many within the adoption community believe, I’m not “anti-adoption,” which by the way is a rhetorical wedge used by the multimillion dollar adoption industry to shut conversations down with those who question adoption practices. From my perspective, adoption should be one of several options, just not THE option. In fact, it should be the last. Second, I’m not an “angry” adoptee, which is a label used by the adoption industry, some adoptive parents, and even members of the media to delegitimize the thoughts, experiences, and expertise of “critical adoptees” who “are a new voice that seeks…

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