Bio: I am Second Generation Birthmom, a birth relative, the first "kept" child of a birthmom and an adoptees granddaughter. My family has been affected by adoption for almost 100 years, and because of this I have a unique history of how adoption affects families.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I really am so glad I found your blog. I am in the middle of three generations of adoption. My mother is a reunited adoptee & I am a first mother of a closed open adoption 2001. Our stories are somewhat similar. I appreciate your openness and honesty and valuable insights. Thank you.

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  2. I am an ex crown ward. (thats the three generations) all handled by the same agency. If you want to read my blog here is the link

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  3. I’m an adoptee and first natural birth mom. So glad I’ve found your blog. Keep writing and thank you.

    I’m writing, too.


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  4. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! What’s even more beautiful is that you are using generations of pain in your family to help other people. It takes an amazing person to do that. Through DNA testing, I have found a Korean adoptee. I am certain if I were to look back extensively, I would find even more adoptions. I feel like adoption is part of a generational curse. There isn’t anything natural about children being separated from their mothers or families of origin. If it is a curse, than that means someone has to break it. That is exactly what I plan on doing. I think by telling my story and speaking the truth I can change the future for when I become a mother one day. No more lies!

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