Please help by reblogging this, or sharing it to all your friends. Aundria Bowman/Alexis Badger is also featured in the song “runaway train” by soul asylum as one of the missing children. If you know anything, anything at all please call the number on the picture.

Musings of a Birthmom: The Honest Ramblings of a First Mother

Today I am going to tell you a heartbreaking story. A story so sensational that you would think it was the makings of some fancy Hollywood screenwriter. I only wish this was the case.

A few posts back I touched a little bit on ambiguous loss. To help you understand it better I compared it to the loss one may feel when a loved one goes missing. To further explore this topic, I have asked a fellow birthmother, Cathy Terkanian, to allow me to share her story. We have done an informal interview of sorts and it is my honor for you to be a part of her story and possibly help to share her story in hopes that her heart may finally find peace.

On June 23, 1974, when Cathy was 17 years old, she became the mother of Alexis. A bouncing baby girl, the joy of Cathy’s life…

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