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Another Version of Mother

“I’m working all weekend.”

I felt my shoulders sag, but I only nodded, and empathized, “Oh, that sucks. Do you get time in lieu?”

“Yeah, I’ll take it at the beginning of February.”  Another nod as I went back to wiping down the counters, and planning out lunches for the next day.

“But, I’m going to take the kids in with me on Sunday. The store isn’t open. They love going with me when they can, so we’ll make a day of it. I’ll only be there for a handful of hours…”

My face lit up like Christmas. I didn’t want to sound too eager, “Are you sure?”

This time, he nodded.

Somewhere along the line, I told myself that our new normal wasn’t going to be permanent. I don’t recall when I did this, but as I sat with my Day Timer last week, going over the long list…

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